Monday, December 20, 2010

This is the Inheritance of them that disobey by Sistah Dee

 Anything that the Lord commanded and spake against or gave instruction to do, we can find in the bible, it is the tool by which we can better gain an understanding of the character of God. many will argue that it is written by men who themselves were imperfect, and this is true. But no matter the vessel, God uses what he chooses to get his message across to us, even in this day and time. Malachi 3:6 states: " For I am the Lord; I change not", he is consistent and so is his word.  He has given us his word/ instructions through various prophets throughout the scripture, to help govern our lives as his children and we are expected to trust and obey his commands. Anything outside of following Gods instruction is disobedience and therefore a sin against God.   From the beginning of our existence man has disobeyed God, with consequences that last generations. Sin entered the world through disobedience to Gods command not to eat of the Tree of life.Sin is attractive and beguiling, also its selfish and shortsighted which doesn't allow you to consider long-term effects. And this all starts in the mind, the thoughts, how this can benefit "self" and satisfy a desire? It conjures up a fantasy of immediate gratification, never considering the destructive and devastating outcomes. Sin, from its source, banks on our limited ability to know the true outcome, our knowledge and ability to see in the future are very limited so these fantasies serve to give us a false sense of knowledge. In reality, these fantasies never play out or have the outcome we imagine and once again we are tricked by the enemy just as Eve was. The Lord knows the whole plan, and his word is a guideline to keep us from the destruction that the enemy has planned for us. Although these guidelines to many seem outdated, not relative to the times, the enemies game plan to destroy us has not changes and neither has the Lords plan to redeem us back to himself and just as a loving parent the Lord lays down laws that will keep us safe, prosper us and bring us peace and joy. When we follow the Gods plan, there is an inheritance that we can rest in, yes eternal life. Also we are under the protection of God's grace and mercy, those who choose to rebel, well, Roman 6:23 states: "the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life through Christ our Lord". Being a "good person" does not qualify you for the inheritance of those that obey God and except his son as Lord and Savior
(Rom 3:10). Yes, there are qualifications that must be met, acknowledgment that you are in rebellion to His will and repenting of your sins and excepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. I admit there are things my physical body crave and my mind shows me all the gratification that fulfilling these desires would bring, but I know the long term effect would be estranging myself from God through my disobedience and putting a hamper on my witness to the ministry of Christ. I'm not saying its easy, Lord Knows!!! and I pray for the lord strength to help me overcome. I hope this will help you and encourage you to take a good look at where you are in life and do some re-evaluating. God has made us to be more than conquerors and I pray your able to walk in the victory Christ died for,  so that you don't have to be held captive to the wile and tricks of the enemy. Tell the devil, Hold That!!!!

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