Monday, January 3, 2011

HE TOUCHED ME by Sistah Dee

It's a touch like no other, it heals me, completes me, encourages me, comforts me. It touches the very part of me that no other has ever reach, I should know, I searched the whole world over to find it. All I found was incompleteness, empty and broken promises. Those that swore they'd always be there, love me, care for me, "hold me down", "have my back". All fell short of their promise, their words as light as feathers. But He spoke and it was different, like no other. I felt it, the sincerity of his promise to never leave nor forsake me. And His touch was electrifying, to a degree not earthly comprehensible. He cuddled me, swaddled me as a newborn babe and he watched me as I grew, crawled and struggled to stand. But I keep getting stronger, my legs stand firm on the foundation of his promises, his words. I know I am able to step out and walk into the long as I keep my eyes on him. I get distracted at time and began to fall but he's right there to catch me, his touch not far away and one again I'm able to stand because of his touch, enduring, powerful,caring, loving, reassuring. His Touch!!!

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