Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blessed and Highly Favored by Sistah Dee

It's been awhile my friends but the Lord has brought me back with a word of encouragement.  To write about a word that we come to say casually, not fully understanding what it really means, the word "blessed". I often say it or hear people use it to answer a greeting of "how are you doing"?, "Oh, I'm blessed, cant complain", Then an 1/2 hr later turn around and complain about the job, the finances, the kids, or whatever. When you say that you are "blessed", you are saying, I am content, I am joyful, I am at peace, I have divine favor. Each day that you are able to open your eyes, take a breath in and out, and the blood is still running warm in your veins, you are "BLESSED". When you operate in obedience and Gods timing you experience "Divine Favor", this is no matter how bleek or crazy the situation may be, you are able to come out victorious in a way not humanly possible. This reminds me of Nehemiah, upon him receiving news of the City of Jerusalem being destroyed, he wept and mourned (Nehemiah 1:4). Yet, even in his grief stricken state he sought the Lord, he understood he was "blessed". and because he was blessed ,the Lord answer his prayers and allowed him to find Divine favor with the Persian king Artaxerxes,I say divine because Nehemiah being so grief stricken, it showed in his whole demeanor, so much that the king noticed and inquired why. Under any other circumstance this would have been immediate death, for it was an offense to be in the kings presence sad. But Nehemiah, knowing he was blessed ask the Lord to allow him to find favor with this man. The result of The Divine favor, the king did all that Nehemiah requested to rebuild Jerusalem and allowed him leave time to oversee the work. Hallelujah!!!! So you see, even in the midst of turmoil, hardship, heartache, we are still blessed. Nehemiah goes on to rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem but not without opposition. When we obey and follow the perfect plan and timing of God, no matter what, we'll be victorious. We must be diligent as Nehemiah, bold as Nehemiah, obedient and live righteously, seeking the Lord diligently and consistently, for the enemy awaits every chance he can to hinder your blessing, which is your joy, your peace, your contentment, your favor. But be as Nehemiah, stay on the wall, do the work of your Heavenly Father and continue to live a blessed life.

~God Bless

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