Monday, August 29, 2011

Love Letter to a Friend by Sistah Dee

 I don't want to be your fan but I can be a real friend. To be a fan means I idolize you, I will  have a false ideal of who I think you to be, only based upon your words and pictures I see. But a friend knows the inner workings and the desires of the heart and sees you and honors you for who you truly are. No pretense, no unrealistic expectations, will not expect of you what can't be given in return. Equals, as a mathematical equation, two imperfect beings coming together to equal an perfected bond. A two cord vessel not easily unraveled by forces set to divide and conquer. We can be of a different kind, setting ourselves apart from those who only look to make withdrawals where they make no deposit. Genuine friendship, means genuine respect and love. I will deposit into you what I expect to reciprocate and blossom into a friendship stamped and approved by God.

 Because God is my first love and the head of my life, there are prerequisites that you must satisfy, love, honor and serve God whole heart, soul and might. This is the guarantee of a lasting friendship and the possibility of becoming a union of Holy Matrimony, a three cord vessel that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. I cant be you fan but I will adore you in the sense of the word to have a love and respect for you that transcend above worldly expectation. I can't be your fan, but I will treasure you as a rare find, you are and always will be a divinely sent friend of mines.~DRW-C

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