Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Little Light of Mines by DeAngela Curtis

The Lord has given me a light and I'm gonna let it shine. Many see me coming and don't like my light, they scatter like roaches, it's blinding to the eyes. They rather walk in darkness, deceived by the ways of this world, "do you", "you have the right to live how you choose", but God has given me this light to shine brightly to help lead to the right path, to see clear the way in which you ought to go, Turn Back!, Turn back!! don't go that way, it's a trap. But many won't hear my words, ignoring the light, they turn away, choosing the path of darkness, with it's deceiving light, they head down the road to destruction, detoured from eternal life. Yet, I'll continue to let my light shine everywhere I go, hoping that someone will follow, squint, blink and focus, till they see the path they need to take, leading to the road of redemption. And walk to gain their own light to shine throughout the world.

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