Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Love Love by Sistah Dee

 I want love, genuine love, love that is my sister, my brother, my aunts, my uncles. Love that is exhaustive, "you get on my nerves, you make me sick", yet I can't live without it. Love that makes you a part of me and I a part of you, intertwined, a bond that can never be broken. Love through years and circumstances, it remains a pillar, a rock of defense, not penetrable, not easily unraveled. I realize I have that, straight from God above, manifested in persons, all fashion,all shapes and blunders. Nothing deep, just some thoughts I have in my heart. I guess its that time of year, and for the FIRST time, I'm admitting I NEED the people that mean the most to me, my family.

Sistah D

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